What They Wore Wednesday: Wedding Guests

This week’s What They Wore post is about wedding attire. I was planning on attending a wedding this weekend, and just after buying my outfit it was canceled. I debated about if I should return it or not. After talking to a few people on Twitter, I decided I would keep it. I also got an idea to ask others for their wedding attire pictures. There are so many different options depending on what the dress code is.
First up is Sugar and Spice, and what she wore for her sister’s wedding. I love the peacock headband, and the fringe bag. 16.7.10: my sister's wedding

Next up is Franca of Apples and Oranges in a delightful red and white polka dot dress from Vivien of Holloway.

2010Jun4 2

Jenni of Pixie and Pumps wore this cute, ruffled, pink number to her best friend’s wedding. She looks so pretty!

Do you have a go to wedding outfit? Are there any weddings on your schedule coming up? If so, what do you plan on wearing?


What They Wore Wednesday: Ruffled Collars

This week on What They Wore Wednesday I’m featuring a few bloggers that have worn ruffled necklines recently. I love how this looks, and for someone like me who doesn’t always wear a lot of jewelry I think it is a great way to add some pretty details.

First up, I have Melanie of Unravelled Threads wearing a beautiful plum colored blouse from New York and Co. I really like the bold neckline, but I wonder how itchy it may be in the summer heat.Next up, is Ashley of Ashley Getting Dressed wearing a Forever 21 dress with a dainty, ruffled neckline.

What do you think about ruffled necklines? Do you have any pieces like that in your closet? What size ruffle do you prefer?

What They Wore Wednesday: Sunday Best

Sunday, Lyla and I were both dressed up so we decided to snap pictures together for this weeks What They Wore. I continued my trend of wearing pieces other than the were intended they were intended for. My “skirt” is the dress I wore way back here. Lyla looks just adorable in her purple, polka dot dress. I thought is was really cute that the sucker Pop-Pop got her seemed to match her dress so well.

The Scoop

Mom: Tank-Target, “skirt”- Target. Shoes-TJ Maxx Lyla: Dress- J.C. Penny’s

What They Wore Wednesday: Lyla’s Easter Attire

I felt like Lyla was dressed straight out of Gap Kid’s ad. However, it was actually all Target clearance finds. Not only do I love Target for myself I love it for my daughter too.

Hunting for Eggs!

Hey!!! There is CHOCOLATE in the eggs!!!

Update: Every Man, Woman, and child is now What They Wore Wednesday.

What They Wore: Patterned Tights


I just got these wonderful polka dot tight from We Love Colors. As I dream up ways to style them I thought it would be fun to take a look at how members of

Style Nation have styled their patterned tights.

Jenni from Pixie in Pumps submitted a great shot of her wearing heart patterned tights. I love them to pieces, apparently, she did too as they bit the dust during her photo shoot.

I saw the romance in a pair of lace pattern tights over at Haute Pink Pretty. Love her skirt too.

Over at Ashley Getting Dressed, Ashley put a pair of white patterned tights into a romantic look. She looks elegant and relaxed all at the same time.

Any styling suggestions for my awesome new tights? Looking for inspiration to style colored tights check out my 
EMWC: Colored Tights post.

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