Let Them Pick

This entire post is brought to you by my family. My husband picked out my outfit, and Lyla picked out the poses we did for the pictures. How do you think they did?

This is what I wore out to celebrate my last day of working during the day with the husband. That night was also known as our last date night in a VERY LONG TIME! We went to see X-Men: First Class, and I must say I was very happy with it. My comic book, geek husband says they strayed from the story line a bit, but did a good job setting up for the movies that have already been made. For someone like me, who just likes the movies, it was a great movie. Have you seen this X-Men yet? If so, what did you think?

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Top-Target, Jeans- William Rast for Target, Shoes-Steve Madden

When asked what to do next


Everybody, Everywear: Lace and Oxfords

This month for Everybody, Everywear bloggers everywhere are wearing lace. After the voting ended, an lace was announced the winner I automatically started thinking about what lace items I had in my closet. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any lace or lace accented pieces. I guess I did have a camisole or two that have a small amount of lace trim on the neckline. In my opinion that didn’t actually count. I didn’t even have any cute lace wrapped accessories. What I did have is a lace nightie. Insert giggles, snickers, or blushing. I immediately began brainstorming on ways I could make it appropriate to wear out.I lucked out and had a nice, cool day last week. I’m talking thunderstorms the night before and only reaching 65. I was ecstatic! That meant I could layer a bandeau under and a cardigan on top. That meant I could be completely covered, yet still show off my lace.

I took advantage of the beautiful weather, and my free time by going to the park and taking pictures on the bike path. I’ve taken pictures outside before, but it isn’t nearly as nerve wracking when your husband is taking your pictures. This was my first go around with outdoor self-portraiture. I lucked out and nobody went by on the path. I just had to deal with a construction worker gawking at me from the parking lot. I hope to do this more often, now that I am home with Lyla during the day. I guess I should start reading up on Hello Monkey Face’s Self-Caught Feature. I didn’t have any issues with other passer-bys until I moved up to take accessory shots.The Scoop

Nightgown-gift, Cardigan-Walmart, Belt-NY and Co, Jeans-William RastĀ  for Target, Shoes-Payless

How do you deal with curious onlookers? Any outdoor self-portraiture tips?

Lace | Everybody, Everywear

Maxed Out Flowers

I bought this as a maxi dress to wear to a wedding two summers ago. Let’s just say after having Lyla, and now especially being pregnant with the little guy, the top part just doesn’t fit right anymore. However, I loved the print and maxi dresses and skirts are still in style. I took my scissors and chopped off the top I’ve worn it before with a shirt tucked in and belted. That way works much better, but is way too uncomfortable for me at the moment. Thankfully, the bump is big enough that my Bella Band was all I needed to keep it up for the most part.

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Shirt-NY and Co., Skirt-Forever21, Shoes-Steve Madden

Pregnancy Myth #1 = Busted

You must wear maternity clothes as soon as you can’t button your jeans.

I went shopping a few weekends ago. I was looking for shorts that I could wear this summer during this pregnancy. I started off looking at the maternity section, because, well it’s obvious I’m pregnant and will be all summer. However, I was really unhappy with any of my options. They all fit horribly, and I wasn’t going to sacrifice being comfortable in them for a chance to cool off.

I decided to play all my cards and try out the juniors department. I found several pairs I liked including a pair of fun salmon colored shorts. Sadly, they didn’t have a pair in my new size. I did find a pair that sits low enough to be worn under my baby belly. With my Bella Band, they should fit during the hottest parts of the summer based on my last pregnancy.

What do you think? Should pregnant women be restricted to elastic waist bands, and floaty, shapeless shirts? I think not, and hope to prove how wrong those ideas are this summer. I would love to have you along for the journey.

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Vest-Walmart, Cami-Gap, Belt-Charlotte Russe, Shorts-Target

Baby Doll or Barbie Doll

I thought this dress looked very baby doll to me while I was wearing it. While editing the pictures I found a few shots that reminded me more of Barbie. What do you think? It is a bit shorter than I would have liked, but with it being so hot out I just put on a pair of dance shorts underneath it.

The week of craziness is well under way. Dance recital is four days away. I can’t wait! I’m so proud of all of my students. They have learned so much this year, and I’ve had so much fun working with them. I must give a special shout out to my Adult Tap Class. I know a few of them read my blog, so I just want to say I’m incredibly impressed with them. I know you they will rock the stage, and make me proud.

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Dress-Target, Shoes-Target


Guess what people?!?! I’m now officially a part-time stay at home mom. I’m still working at the studio in the afternoon/evenings, but during the day Lyla and I get to stay home and enjoy each other’s company. This week, however, it is just me at home. As I mentioned before the studio’s big dance recital is this Saturday. I’m keeping Lyla in daycare part time this week, so I can get things finished up and make all of the final rehearsals.

Next week the real tough stuff starts. Adjusting to our new schedule together, and finding ways to keep everybody happy. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

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Cami-Old Navy, Shorts-Thrifted, Shoes-TJ Maxx

P.S. I’ve got a doctors appointment today that should let me know what is swimming around inside of me. Boy or Girl? Any guesses?

What They Wore Wednesday: Sunday Best

Sunday, Lyla and I were both dressed up so we decided to snap pictures together for this weeks What They Wore. I continued my trend of wearing pieces other than the were intended they were intended for. My “skirt” is the dress I wore way back here. Lyla looks just adorable in her purple, polka dot dress. I thought is was really cute that the sucker Pop-Pop got her seemed to match her dress so well.

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Mom: Tank-Target, “skirt”- Target. Shoes-TJ Maxx Lyla: Dress- J.C. Penny’s