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Dance Recital and Post Party

If you follow me on Twitter you may know that I lost a rather large number of my outfit pictures. To make up for that loss, I am going to show off a few of my dance students, and pictures of our recital. Minimal narration to follow.

“Welcome to the Tea Party”

“Thy Word”

Glittery pointe shoes and neon tutus!

“Bittersweet Symphony”


Staff Dance

Before the show

You should of seen him carry eight open umbrellas off stage. He was a great stage hand.

It was a wonderful show, and I’m honored to be apart of such an amazing studio.


Guess what people?!?! I’m now officially a part-time stay at home mom. I’m still working at the studio in the afternoon/evenings, but during the day Lyla and I get to stay home and enjoy each other’s company. This week, however, it is just me at home. As I mentioned before the studio’s big dance recital is this Saturday. I’m keeping Lyla in daycare part time this week, so I can get things finished up and make all of the final rehearsals.

Next week the real tough stuff starts. Adjusting to our new schedule together, and finding ways to keep everybody happy. I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.

The Scoop

Cami-Old Navy, Shorts-Thrifted, Shoes-TJ Maxx

P.S. I’ve got a doctors appointment today that should let me know what is swimming around inside of me. Boy or Girl? Any guesses?

Are You Sure?

My baby bump is playing hide and seek. Now you see it…now you don’t! I actually had someone tell me today they wanted to call my bluff. “There is no way you are pregnant, let alone half way done!” I tell you, it is true! I am almost to the half way mark.

Ok, enough about my pregnancy. Do you know what other important dates are coming up? To you they mean  nothing, but next Friday is my last day at my day job. After that I have one more week left before the studio I work at has their dance recital. I’m really excited about both days! However, I think the dance recital wins for me. I get to dance in it this year. My adult tap class decided they wanted to participate in the production this year, so to help them out I’m dancing with them. I’m sure I’ll post pics of that too.

The Scoop

Shirt-Target, Skirt-Target, Shoes-Target

Seven things about me!


Bre, of 27b, passed on an award to me. As part of the rules I will tell you seven things about me. Thanks Bre, you are both making me blush and giving me something to write about on this post!
rules of the award: 
– thank and relink the blogger, who awarded you
– tell us seven things about yourself. 
– pass on the award to 15, just recently discovered bloggers.
– get in touch with them and let them know, they’ve been tagged. 
1. I’m proud to say I was a teenage mom. I wouldn’t have traded it for anything in the world. It has made me who I am today. I will say, that I’m glad I was married and a home owner first. Those two steps have made it much easier.
2. I’ve already done the “mini-van” thing when I was a student. I don’t think I can ever go back to driving one of those things.
3. I was crazy, and undertook the project of crocheting a blanket for our king-size bed. I over estimated, and made it too big. The blanket can practically wrap the entire way around the mattress and box springs. On the plus side it is warm and cozy.
4. I have naturally been blonde, red, and brown haired during my life. Currently, I’m enhancing my natural red side and loving it!
5. When Nate and I were dating, I talked him into talking a partnering and lifts class with me. He was very sweet about it even knowing we wouldn’t be partners. I’m four inches taller than him.
6. I’m pretty good at playing flag football with the guys.
7. I love spicy food! It was my father in-law’s goal to make the hottest wings I’ve ever had for our rehearsal dinner.
I know I’m supposed to pass this on, but I know I’m late to the game and it has been passed around to a lot of people. I lieu of tagging people twice I am asking you to leave questions for me that I will answer in another post. If you want you can tell me something about you too. I love getting to know my readers!

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