Friend Friday: Top 5 Summer Trends

This week, Katy of ModlyChic and the rest of the bloggers of the Friend Friday Group are talking about our top five summer trends.

1. Neon Color Blocking


Color blocking is big this year. What is an even better way to do it? Neon of course!

2. Chic Cycling


I’m really interested in getting a should be summer staple. Yes, I mean a bike. Hey, if my two year old daughter can have a pretty pink and purple bike why can’t I have two wheels on a pretty frame of my own. One of my favorite chic cyclist is Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear. As she puts it herself, she is a “bike-riding bookworm”.  She has some pretty cycling friendly outfits of her own, as well as a sweet ride.

3. Wavy Beach Hair

I recently did a tutorial on my easy to-do beach hair. I love how carefree beach hair looks. Simple, relaxed, and laid back all things that scream summer to me.

4. Shorts and Wedges

When I Googled shorts and wedges, it came up with a Yahoo answer’s question about whether or not wearing shorts and wedges was slutty. In my opinion it is not slutty unless you make it that way. I will be wearing this trend with not too short shorts, and looser shirts. I love this trend, because, it makes your legs look miles long.

5. Summer Drinks


I know summer drinks isn’t quite a trend, but this summer they will be one of my go to “accessories” for making it through this heat. That makes it an accessory right?

What are your top summer tips, tricks, and trends?


18 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Top 5 Summer Trends

  1. Love the things you’ve chosen – including the drinks! Great idea!! I wear wedges and shorts for sure so I say go for it!! Not slutty and legs are lengthened it is true! If the shorts are long enough I will even wear heels!
    Happy Friend Friday!!

  2. Yes yes yes on the beachy hair! I’m at the pool or beach most days with my kids all summer, so I kinda can’t help it – so I’m thankful I can just relax and go with it this summer. Knowing that I’m just so trendy (ha!).

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