Pregnancy Myth #1 = Busted

You must wear maternity clothes as soon as you can’t button your jeans.

I went shopping a few weekends ago. I was looking for shorts that I could wear this summer during this pregnancy. I started off looking at the maternity section, because, well it’s obvious I’m pregnant and will be all summer. However, I was really unhappy with any of my options. They all fit horribly, and I wasn’t going to sacrifice being comfortable in them for a chance to cool off.

I decided to play all my cards and try out the juniors department. I found several pairs I liked including a pair of fun salmon colored shorts. Sadly, they didn’t have a pair in my new size. I did find a pair that sits low enough to be worn under my baby belly. With my Bella Band, they should fit during the hottest parts of the summer based on my last pregnancy.

What do you think? Should pregnant women be restricted to elastic waist bands, and floaty, shapeless shirts? I think not, and hope to prove how wrong those ideas are this summer. I would love to have you along for the journey.

The Scoop

Vest-Walmart, Cami-Gap, Belt-Charlotte Russe, Shorts-Target


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Myth #1 = Busted

  1. I love that you belted your top!I think you look like one of the Hollywood stars rocking your baby bump! I’m pretty sure Jessica Alba and Halle Berry wore their clothes just the way you have styled them here. I say roll with it as you look fabulous. Those floaty tops aren’t fooling anyone anyway!

  2. when my sister has been pregnant she just bought her normal pants a size up. the maternity pants looked awful on her and as a young mom she wasn’t ready for such frump! she also wore jersey skirts alot that were super stretchy. anyway, you look fantastic! that vest is a great summer layer!

  3. “What do you think? Should pregnant women be restricted to elastic waist bands, and floaty, shapeless shirts?”
    Absolutely NOT! I am so glad you are busting that myth to pieces here – you look radiant and fabulous! Am looking forward to seeing your maternity style journey!

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