How To: Beach Hair

I planned on writing up a post for this weeks Friend Friday. However, I can’t answer any of the questions very well. I won’t be enjoying any summer vacat this year. Instead I thought I would share my “Beach Hair” with you. I recently got a 3-barrel iron for something else to do with my hair while it is growing out. Last week, when we were talking about hair care I shared that I use Moroccan Oil as a heat protector for the occasional times I do use hot tools. I also, love how Moroccan Oil  makes my hair feel even when I don’t style it.

You can start one of two ways.

Option 1: Start with clean damp hair. Apply a small amount of Moroccan Oil and comb through.

Finger dry hair with a blow dryer on low. If you have a diffuser that is even better.

Option 2: The same as option 1 apply a small amount of oil. It is OK to use the oil on dry hair. It is very lite and doesn’t leave your hair with a greasy feel.

Pretty sexy huh?

Step 2: Section off your hair, and take two inches pieces and begin using the iron from the top of each section. Work your way down each section.

Step 3: After finishing all of the sections I use a dusting powder to the roots at the crown of my head. Be careful, because, a little goes a long way. Also, if you use too much it will whiten your roots. After rubbing it in I lift and tease the hair at the crown.

Step 4: Finish with your favorite hairspray!

Voila! Beach Hair!


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