Shaking Things Up

I got home from the studio on Saturday, and while I was blankly looking at my closet trying to figure out what I should wear. I kind of wanted to wear a dress or a skirt, but I didn’t want to wear any of the dresses I’ve already worn. I passed a green, floral print shirt that I’ve worn more than a few times. See how I’ve styled it here. I thought to myself, “I would love a skirt with a similar pattern.” Why couldn’t I just turn the shirt into a skirt for the evening?

That is exactly what I did, I used my Bella Band to help it stay in place. I wanted to tuck my shirt in, but it just didn’t feel comfortable. I’m all about comfort right now.I was a little disappointed that it was so sheer. After putting on the leggings I felt the look was a little sporty. I decided to run with that look, and go all out comfy and wear my Bob’s.

The Scoop

Tank-Target, Shirt as a Skirt-Kohl’s, Leggings-Target, Shoes-Gordmans


13 thoughts on “Shaking Things Up

  1. cute skirt!! and I love your previous post with the shoes.. I love shoes and always looking for new ideas of what to combine with outfits… you have good taste for sure!!!
    xoxo J

  2. Though your outfit may look a little more relaxed as you hoped, you still cute in it. I definitely think you should invest in a bike. I rode mine around for only an afternoon but had so much fun even alone.

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