Are You Sure?

My baby bump is playing hide and seek. Now you see it…now you don’t! I actually had someone tell me today they wanted to call my bluff. “There is no way you are pregnant, let alone half way done!” I tell you, it is true! I am almost to the half way mark.

Ok, enough about my pregnancy. Do you know what other important dates are coming up? To you they mean  nothing, but next Friday is my last day at my day job. After that I have one more week left before the studio I work at has their dance recital. I’m really excited about both days! However, I think the dance recital wins for me. I get to dance in it this year. My adult tap class decided they wanted to participate in the production this year, so to help them out I’m dancing with them. I’m sure I’ll post pics of that too.

The Scoop

Shirt-Target, Skirt-Target, Shoes-Target


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