A Shot In The Dark

Literally folks, a few outfit shots taken in the dark. I’m not crazy about how they turned out. However, I loved the outfit enough that I wanted to share it with you even though I got home, and didn’t have enough energy to go downstairs to take pictures in my normal spot.

I’m feeling good people. Finally, after all the stress I endured at the beginning of this pregnancy thinking I was going to loose another baby. I’m still pretty tired, but with my crazy schedule that is to be expected. I’m still finding ways to best use my free time. Some things just take precedence over blogging. For instance, I’m tackling potty training head on. I desperately NEED Lyla to be out of diapers before the baby comes. With this baby we plan on cloth diapering from the beginning, so in theory it wouldn’t be the end of the world to have both of the kiddos in the cloth. Laundry would just need to be done daily instead of every other/third day. Ok, I’m done with the baby/kid/pregnancy talk. See you Friday!

The Scoop

Sweater- NY and Co., Shorts- Thrifted, Tights- We Love Colors Shoes- Steve Madden


3 thoughts on “A Shot In The Dark

  1. Gosh I just caught up on all your news – the baby, the wordpress move and all. Congratulations on the pregnancy sweetie – that’s wonderful news!
    New blog format looks good!

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