Guest Post: Style Do’s and Don’ts for Busy Moms

Style Dos and Don’ts for the Busy Mom


Hi everyone! My name is Melissa and I blog over at A Working Mom’s Closet. While Danielle is away from No Guilt Fashion, she asked if I would pop my little head over here to keep all of her friends (that’s YOU!) entertained for a day.


I know that most of you are moms of some sort, either SAHMs, WAHMs or moms who work outside of your home (is there an acronym for that one?). As mothers, sometimes we get into the rut of dressing for practicality purposes only, choosing to pour all of our time, energy and effort into our family while  and leaving ourselves in the dust. We need to stop doing that to ourselves. How are we going to teach our children to be good to themselves while balancing the pressures of family and life if we don’t model it for them when we have the chance?


I’m sure many of you have seen the show What Not to Wear on TLC. Sometimes the women that are featured fight them tooth and nail in the beginning but by the end, they realize that by allowing yourself to care enough to look your very best and dress the way that makes you feel GREAT about who and what you are, it snowballs into making you a happier, stronger and more relaxed person all around. That can only mean good things for you and for your family!


Here are some of my tricks, tips and hints to make taking care of your style as easy as possible. I realize some of these might push you out of your comfort zone a little, but how can we expect to grow and improve if we don’t try new things?


DO: Try it on. Always. Even if you think it will fit you like a tent, or if it looks too small, or if you think it’ll make your butt look huge, try it on. You might be surprised!


DO: Ignore the size on the tag. IGNORE IT I SAID. The sizing of women’s clothing has to be one of the most ridiculous things in the world. Some of my skirts are a size 4 but then I have one that’s an 11…and they all fit. Tag size is not the final verdict. If you normally wear a medium and it doesn’t fit you well, don’t automatically assume that the shirt won’t work for you. Try a large (or small)! No one is going to see what that tag says, all they will see is how great the item looks on you and how big a smile your smile is because you feel awesome.


DON’T: Assume a trend won’t work on you. Find a way to MAKE it work, if you really like it. “They” say that horizontal stripes shouldn’t be worn if you’re trying to look thinner but they’re so trendy right now. Wear them anyway! Think a belt would look ridiculous? Don’t assume! Try TONS of them on! Try wide ones, skinny ones, stretchy ones, rope ones, ribbons, sashes…try them all. Find the one that makes you feel good, decide WHY it makes you feel good (because it’s stretchy, because it’s skinny, etc.) and then go find more like it.

DON’T: Be afraid to combine colors. Look at nature and designs everywhere. Notice how pinks and purples look so beautiful when flowers are arranged together in a vase, or how green and blue look so pretty next to each other in pictures of the beach, ocean and sky. They work in those cases, so don’t think they won’t work in your outfits! Try them and if YOU like how they look, wear them!

DO: Wear black and white with a pop of color, or all black with a pop of color, or black and gray with a pop of color. They are classic, chic, and universally flattering.


DON’T: Be afraid of dresses at the playground. If you think they might blow up in the wind, wear some boyshorts underneath them. Dresses are some of THE MOST comfortable and flattering pieces a mom can wear. They’re so incredibly quick and easy to put on, and they can go from a playdate to lunch in a heartbeat. And then out to dinner with a quick change of shoes and jewelry!

DO: Wear something other than flip flops. Kitten heels and flats can be just as comfortable but make you feel much more put together. Flip flops have their place in the world (at the beach, at a theme park, taking out the trash) but you’ll feel much more complete (and therefore confident and sexy!) in a different shoe that’s just as comfortable.


DO: Invest in cardigans and blazers. They can tone any outfit down and make virtually anything work appropriate. I’m not kidding.


DON’T: Be afraid to try combinations you never would have thought of before. Layer a blouse under dress. Layer a sweater over a dress. Layer a tank over a blouse. TRY THINGS ON before deciding it doesn’t work.


DO: Wear jewelry! Maybe it’s just me and I got lucky with my daughter, but I wore necklaces and earrings all throughout her grabby infant phase and never had a problem. I may have had one or two necklaces break, but that’s why I wore the inexpensive and super fun jewelry around her. The expensive stuff is saved for nights out!  Truly, a statement necklace in bright colors can take a plain outfit to incredible in such one simple step and make you feel like a new person.


And last but not least, DO: Follow No Guilt Fashion! Danie has fabulous style and is an inspiration to moms everywhere!


Thanks to Danie for letting me take over her blog for a day! I hope I’ve given all of you some ideas and encouragement! If you have any questions about any of these tips, please don’t hesitate to email me at aworkingmomscloset at or come find me at

A Working Mom’s Closet.


Have a great day!



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