Guest Post: Mom Myths vs Facts

This week I’m hosting a few guest bloggers this week that are going to offer up some great advice for fashionable moms.
Hello everyone!!  It’s Natasha from over at Required2BeInspired, and I’m absolutely thrilled to be guest posting here for Mom Week!!
When Danie asked that I write something relating to motherhood and fashion I instantly thought back to when I was first pregnant with my daughter and how I kept thinking that there were so many things in my closet I would no longer be able to wear after she was born.  I remember telling my best friend shortly after my daughter was born that I needed to buy more “practical” clothing pieces and shoes.  I knew one thing for sure though, I wasn’t ever going to become a “frumpy” mommy, but I still thought that I needed a lot of flat shoes, longer hemlines and “easy to wear” clothes.
Today I am going to tackle 3 common Myths relating to Mothers and Fashion.
Myth #1
It is best for moms to avoid wearing chunky jewelry:
Fiction!!  I have heard of a few mothers who believe that wearing chunky jewelry around young children is hazardous.  I suppose this could be true if that jewelry includes spikes, but I’m pretty sure that is not the case for most women.  I personally have found that chunky jewelry is a mothers best friend!!  When my daughter was teething she enjoyed gnawing on my baubles and when we were out and about and she was having a hard time staying still I would take off a piece of jewelry and let her play with it.  I realize that some jewelry could be a hazard, which is why it is important to make sure that nothing is loose, all chains are heavy and secure, and most importantly make sure the piece is not small enough to swallow!
Myth #2
It’s easier for moms to wear flats:
Fact.  Of course it’s easier…I’m pretty sure it’s easier for all humans to wear flats as opposed to heels, unless you are Victoria Beckham.  The real question is how much harder would it be to wear heels as opposed to flats?  Not a whole lot!  And since when is it mandatory that mothers take the easy way out?!?  I personally find flats to be a bit boring…I’ll wear them every now and then, but my outfit is instantly more fabulous if I’m wearing a great pair of heels.  I realize that it can be difficult to chase a child around while wearing a fabulous pair of stilettos, so why not try a great pair of wedges or platforms instead?  Many shoe designers have also introduced the “new” low heel, which is making it a lot easier for busy moms to stay stylish while keeping up with the kids!
Myth #3
No white clothes, EVER!!:
Fiction.  This is definitely fiction due to a handy little miracle worker called Tide To-Go.  I always have a tube of it in my purse, and that stuff really is like magic!  I also don’t see why any mother should have to deprive herself of wearing white for fear of stains when you can safely use bleach on white fabric!\
The real lesson here is that it really isn’t all the hard to create outfits that balance fashion and function!

3 thoughts on “Guest Post: Mom Myths vs Facts

  1. So glad to see someone addressing this hooey!! One more myth: once you’re a mom you should have short hair. My sister-in-law cut all her hair off when her daughter was born. It was “impractical” to have long hair and a baby! HA!! What’s easier to style than long hair? Throw that mop in a ponytail and roll on!!
    I enjoyed your post!

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