Ack!!! I’m still putting together posts from my 30 for 30 challenge. However, I lost a few sets of pictures. That means you won’t be getting a full 30 outfits. That’s ok with me…I’m kind of over documenting this challenge. I finished it over a month ago, so the fact that I’m still posting pictures just drags it on and on. However, since I took a break from blogging I also took a break from taking pictures too. Now it is hard getting back into the swing of things. I will promise you that I won’t still be posting my winter wardrobe once spring officially arrives.
The Scoop
Cardigan- Walmart
Skirt- Motherhood
Shoes- Payless
Scarves- Target
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5 thoughts on “Lost

  1. >It's a lot harder to feel excited talking about an outfit when you wore it a while ago. I am sure that you finished it and did it well and that you learned more about remixing even if you don't end up posting all 30 outfits on here. Hope your blogging break helped!

  2. >Hi,I have been following your blog for a while,very interesting!I have started blogging as well,please visit me:www.jewellerybijou.comthanks Dorota

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