30 for 30: Monday, Monday


Oh, boy this weekend should have been relaxing and it spun downhill fairly quick. Wednesday, I spent most of the night being woken up every time I was almost asleep by the husband jerking in pain. Thursday night was much of the same, except, add him vomiting and me cleaning it up. Friday he woke up ridiculously early, and told me he wasn’t going to work. Fast forward to after work I found out he has strep on top of his back problems. Now I’m heading into a weekend taking care of Nate and his problems, Lyla and her broken arm, and working. I know you must be jealous.
The Scoop
Shirt- Walmart
Scarf- Spotted Moth
Pants- Target
Shoes- Target
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9 thoughts on “30 for 30: Monday, Monday

  1. >good luck with everything… rough.on a totally superficial note, you make skinny cargos look hot! i'm loving these on you. honestly.-brittneyhttp://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like)

  2. >Aw honey. You're dealing with way too much lately. Good grief. I'm thinking about you and hoping life starts getting a little bit easier really soon!!!

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