30 for 30: I’m Red Again


Yep, I went back to my redheaded roots. That is not to be confused with the twitter handle of another fabulous redhead at Miss Vinyl Ahoy. Actually, there a quite a few bloggers out there rocking the red. Pixie in Pumps, By Hillary,
A Reason to be Fabulous, Stylish White Female, My Heart Blogged…just to name a few!
I forgot that I was wearing head to toe Target, minus my handmade cowl, until I was editing pictures. I think that should be rewarded with a gift card right?!?!
The Scoop
Wrap- Target
Tank- Target
Jeans- Target
Boots- Target
Cowl-Made by Me
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22 thoughts on “30 for 30: I’m Red Again

  1. >I love how well your rock your red hair!!! It looks great on you :)I wish that ever time I wore head to toe Target than some fairy would pop out and hand me a gift card!

  2. >i love your hair color. i realllly want to dye my hair but natural color is SO dark! ugh. there is def. nothing wrong with wearing all target..i do it all the time! :Phave a wonderful weekend love.xoox

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