How To: RED Manicure


This week for Andie’s Wearing Red for Women event I’m changing it up a bit. I have been sporting a red manicure for most of the month. I thought I would do a little how to, so you can see my favorite red nail polish.
 Start out with clean nails. 
I buff and file my nails after removing my old polish. I use a hand lotion than run a Q-tip with nail polish remover over my nails to remove the excess oils from my nails.
Apply Base Coat
I use Bonder a rubberized base coat from Orly. It really helps the color adhere, and I found I have fewer chips when using it.
Apply Color
 I choose Monsooner or Later by OPI to support Women’s Heart Health Awareness month. I like OPI colors, they seem to last fairly well. They are a little pricey, but I’ve lucked out by picking up a few colors here and there on clearance. I’ll post another time with my favorite cheaper polishes.
Apply Top Coat
 I like to top off my manicures with two coats of Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dry clear coat. I’ve never found a top coat that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with. They don’t seem to ever deliver on their promises of a perfect two week manicure. However, I stick with the Insta-Dry top coat for two reasons. I love the wide applicator, and the dry time is pretty short. That last part is the main reason. I don’t have time to sit around and wait for my polish to dry.  If I use two thin coats of this and re-apply every other day my manicure usually makes it about a week.
My last trick is that I actually suck at painting my nails. Usually I paint them at night, and use cuticle oil in the morning to help rub off the extra color. My nails look great, and nobody is any smarter.
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