>30 for 30: Stripes and Flowers


I’m getting the hang of this patten mixing thing. Aren’t you proud of me ladies? It started when I mixed stripes and bows. Than I subconsciously 
mixed floral with the abstract. What are your favorite patterns to mix together?

 The Scoop
Shirt- H&M
Skirt- Kohl’s via Mom’s Closet
Knee Highs- Target
Shoes- Target
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13 thoughts on “>30 for 30: Stripes and Flowers

  1. >That skirt is beautiful! I have a similar outfit in mind with some of my 30 items too…just can't wear them on a weekday to work! 🙂 Pattern mixing would be frowned upon here!

  2. >This is just wonderful. I love the stripes with the floral pattern and that belt adds the perfect separation to make it balanced. In short, I love it.

  3. >I love the mixing of patterns; I didn't know that stripes and florals could make such a killer combo!I love plaids, polka dots and stripes but am too afraid to mix the three together. I've done stripes and polka dots before, but it was a bit of a disaster…

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