>30 for 30: Round 3


Or, I should say 2.5 as my first attempt at Kendi Everday’s 30 for 30 challenge only lasted for 13 outfits. (See the results of round 1 and round 2) Well, I’m at it again, and here is what I’m working with this time. I picked stuff a lot different this time. I tried to pick items that weren’t in my last challenge.
1. Dress Capris 2. Black Pants 3. Charcoal Pants 4. Jeans 5. Olive Skinny Cargos
Layering Pieces
1. Black Blazer 2. Black Open Front Sweater 3. Grey Sweater/Jacket
4. Grey Cardigan 5. Bird Print Cardigan
1. Grey Sweater Dress 2. Red Pencil Skirt 3. Floral Sundress 
4. Black Pencil Skirt 5. B/W Floral Skirt 6. Retro Print Dress
1. Chambray Shirt 2. Red Sweater 3. Plaid Shirt 4. Striped Sweater 
5. Black Shirt 6. Flannel Shirt 7. Red Tank 8. Blue Sweater 9. Striped 3/4 Shirt
10. Yellow Sweater 11. Purple Tie-Neck Shirt
 1. Purple Wedges 2. Black Oxford 3. Black OTK Boots
There you go! If you’re participating let me know. Happy Remixing!!!
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