>Every Man, Woman, and Child: Colored Tights


This week on NGF I’m featuring bloggers again. I wanted to show you guys how colored tights can really make the best out of an outfit. Basic black dress is classic, but add statement making tights and you’ve got a show stopper on your hands. Ok, now lets take a peak at some wonderful ladies and their colored tights!
Lets start with Tiffany of A Reason to be Fabulous. She choose to take a gray/black combo and amped it up with pink tights layered with black patterned fishnets. They look extra awesome paired with her platform Mary Janes.
Sydney of The Daybook takes a yellow skirt (that btw I’m jealous of), and paired it with a beautiful shade of purple tights. What makes this look even better is that her lipstick matches her tights, and she pulls it off with such sass.
Teri of RAGS against the MACHINE shows us that you age doesn’t matter when it comes to rocking colored tights.

At Scrap and Run Colleen matches her tights to her skirt, and comes away with a fantastic look! Remember, you don’t always have to choose contrasting tights. Sometimes matching tights really are the best choice.

Suze at Miss Vinyl Ahoy rocked green tights with her shorts, and really extended the line of her legs. Plus they are We Love Colors tights, so she was as warm as can be even in the winter.

I feel awful. I’ve been having difficulties with Blogger not saving draft while I’m editing posts. Because, of this I unintentionally didn’t include a great submission by Kileen of Cute and Little.

Up next on Every Man, Woman, and Child I’m taking a look at capes and ponchos. If you’ve got ’em send me an email (noguiltfashion@gmail.com), or a tweet.


13 thoughts on “>Every Man, Woman, and Child: Colored Tights

  1. >No Guilt–I had to laugh to see my pic come up as I'm reading these wonderful stories about tights! I've yet to wear the blue ones to campus…will do that the day I return tests. Thanx for the attention!

  2. >I almost emailed you specifically about my tights/skirt that I wore recently. Ha. You noticed. I wasn't sure if your post was up yet (as I was behind on reading) Thanks for including me.

  3. You call this “every man, woman, and child”, but I only see women wearing tights in this article? How about men?

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