>Once You Pop You Just Can’t Stop


 I’ve been bitten by a bug, the vintage dress bug that is. It has been known to cause many females to scour thrift store after thrift store. Other symptoms include bidding tirelessly on Ebay, or browsing photo after photo on Etsy.
My first vintage dress was a giveaway prize from Tieka at Selective Potential. I love it! A few days after receiving that dress in the mail I found this dress in the dress racks at Goodwill. I’m pretty happy it is in such wonderful condition. I managed to walk away with it for only $3.
The Scoop
Dress- Vintage
Shoes- Steve Madden
It was warm enough to forgo tights today! I was so excited about that fact. I didn’t do much “styling” to it this time. I wanted to just get a feel for the dress by itself.  After a full day’s wear I don’t have any issues with it. I could see shortening it for the summer, but I don’t want to loose any of the pattern. So, I think I will be leaving it as is.
 P.S. I chose today’s title, because, when we went grocery shopping we passed the Pringles (the line is from one of their commercials). They now make a “restaurant” line. They have flavors like Mozzarella Cheese Sticks and Maranara, and  Blooming Onion. That just isn’t something I want to eat in chip form. What is the craziest snack item you’ve seen?
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8 thoughts on “>Once You Pop You Just Can’t Stop

  1. >LOVE this. So amazing when you have that perfect discovery in the thrift store – pretty much nothing better in the world. You totally scored with that print and cut.

  2. >oh my goodness I adore this dress it is so perfect for you, great colour and great shape and at a bargain price to. A great find and I am totally jealous!

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