>they just don’t get what’s going down.


Cue curly hair from this post. Yep, this was my outfit of the night for date night at Vincenzo’s. YUMMY!!! I did get a few weird looks for colored tights and my oxfords, but I’m ok with that. You see, I live in a college town. If I’m dressed up more than uggs and sweats I can look out of place. For those of you that blog from smaller towns how do you deal with being more “fashion forward” than the rest?

The Scoop
Dress- Thrifted (Maurice)
Jacket- Target
Tights- Target
Shoes- Payless

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22 thoughts on “>they just don’t get what’s going down.

  1. >You look great with curly hair and I love your oufit – give me coloured tights and brogues over uggs and sweats any day lady! I don't think smaller towns are the only ones to suffer – modern society is so much more dressed down than it used to be. If I wear anything other than jeans and trainers on the weekends in London I can also look out of place. I think you jus t have to hold your head up high and go with what you want to wear!

  2. >I'm so surprised by this! Where I live students are the MOST fashion forward dressers. They've got so much time on their hands to make up random outfits and hunt for treasure. I used to wear some proper ridiculous stuff when I was an undergrad.

  3. >And Veshoevious, I can't believe dressing up is looked on as strangely in London, supposed capital of fashion! I have seriously never felt I stood out due to dressing up,ever and I actually dress up more on the weekends than during the week. And Edinburgh is not half as fashion forward as Glasgow, it actually has a staid reputation. Weird.

  4. >Just bask in the glory of knowing that you know more about style and fashion. 🙂 Or something like that. Really just be confident in the fact that you're able to have fun with what you wear. How much fun can uggs and sweats be?

  5. >I am SO in love with the colors in this outfit! I think I really need some more olive in my life. Definitely.And the curly hair is WONDERFUL. Seriously. 🙂

  6. >I love this post! haha I live in a small town, so my oxfords and bright tights frighten many a people. When I was in college, EVERYONE but me wore sweatpants. My advice? Laugh and smile your way through it! haha I learned to love what I wore and laugh at the weird looks I received. They are secretly jealous of your bravery and confidence anyway, so just smile. : )

  7. >Ahh smal college towns and their love of PINK sweats. I used to feel weird when I first started "dressing up". Now, I honestly don't even notice if people look at me and think I'm a SoCal tourist 🙂

  8. >You look great! Love the tights and especially the hair. I often felt a bit flashy or just generally crazy in my small town when I was growing up. Even in my neighborhood in Chicago I sometimes get some stares, but they're reasonably uncommon. Oh, the urban/rural divide! And here I thought I was the only one writing about it… 🙂

  9. >I really like this look. I live in a little town (7,000), but work in a metropolitan area–as many of my neighbors also do. Sometimes, little towns are where the fashionistas hide out.

  10. >I know what you mean. I am from a college town and a rather small town at that. I get weird looks for my overly colorful outfits and the other day this waitress did a very obvious triple take at my seychelles ankle boots… and never said anything to me. I just chucked. I used to feel weird about people giving me off looks over the way I dress, but I've gotten to a point where I just tell myself "if you can think you can rock it, then you can." and then i just go with it. Plus half of the time people stare because they wish THEY could pull off what you're wearing.

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