>Red Means Stop, Right?


The end of my work day meant a trip to the bank to get change for my store. I’m waiting at a red light, and when my light turned green. I waited at least 2 seconds before heading into the intersection. I just edged past the cross walk when I had to slam on my breaks. All I see is a red sedan, not even touching the breaks, blows by me. If I would have accelerated when I saw the light change I would have been hit.

Kyla at Blue Collar Catwalk has been wearing maxi skirts on a few posts recently, and I was inspired to modify my Forever21 maxi that just doesn’t quite fit right on top into a maxi skirt. I’ve only worn “maxi anything” a few times, and this is probably my favorite take yet. I also ended up pattern mixing unintentionally. I was cold when I got to work, so I left my scarf on. I liked it, so I left it alone all day. That is another thing I’ve only done once before.

The Scoop
Scarf- Walmart
Shirt- Forever21
Skirt- Forever21 (modified by me)
Boots- Charlotte Russe (similar)
Belt- NY and Co.

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14 thoughts on “>Red Means Stop, Right?

  1. >fabulous outfit! i have been looking for a great maxi skirt forever…i really like the big belt with yours! :)thelibertybelleblog.blogspot.com

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