>Woman at Work


I’ve been on the hunt for a simple blazer for awhile now. I tried to find one secondhand, but was having no luck with that. I remembered seeing several bloggers wearing one from Target, so I thought I would try looking there. I didn’t want to spend much on it, so I was very happy to see they had it in the clearance section marked down to $14.00. I pulled out some of my Christmas money and made my purchase. Yes, to my husbands shock I went in to the dressing room with an armful of stuff and walked out with just the blazer.

 The Scoop
Blazer- Target
Tank- The Limited
Pants- Charlotte Russe
Shoes- Payless
Scarf- Gap

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17 thoughts on “>Woman at Work

  1. >Welcome to the Target blazer owners club. I feel like we should do some sort of thing to show how everyone remixes theirs. I love the punch of purple with all the black!Rochelle

  2. >Rochelle, I think that is a great idea. I know a few people did something similar with their gingham shirts. I may have to track down who set that up, because, I think she is looking for it to be a monthly/regular thing.

  3. >It's good that the hubs was shocked. The blazer seems to have a longer line on you than Kendi. I like. But, it is the shoes I'm admiring. making a note to self to check out Payless.

  4. >That would be really cool šŸ™‚ I'll go track down the gingham shirt gang and see if they would be interested in having the target blazer (and honestly any black blazer) as a feature.

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