>Dinner and a Movie, Well Almost


 On New Years Eve Nate and I went to Outback for dinner. We figured we would have an early dinner and go see a movie. I know, I know, big plans right?!? Well we got to the restaurant at 5 like we’ve done at other places years past. When we got there the place was packed. Forty minute wait for just the two of us! Two different parties jumped into tables that hadn’t been bussed yet pushing our wait to almost and hour. We would have gone someplace else under normal circumstances, but by the time we made it anywhere else we would of had to wait just as long. 
Once we got seated we were actually served quite fast. The food was amazing. I highly recommend the Ahi Tuna appetizer. It was delicious. If you like sushi this is a great option with a down under twist. YUMMY!!! Long story short, Nate and I stuffed our faces and skipped the movie. We went home instead, and enjoyed one another’s company until I fell asleep somewhere around 10. Here is to next year! Cheers!
The Scoop
Dress- Target
Tights- Target
Shoes- AJ Wright
Elaine, at Clothed Much has been featuring rule breaking bloggers. Well I broke my own rule today. It was freezing cold out, so I wore tights and peep toes. Oh, the horror! It wasn’t too bad actually. I didn’t mind it as much as I thought I would. Who knows, maybe next time I’ll wear socks and pumps?
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22 thoughts on “>Dinner and a Movie, Well Almost

  1. >You looks so pretty. I'm still on the fence about tights and open-toe shoes, but they look great on you. Slowly finding the courage to try that one đŸ™‚

  2. >ooo pretty! What a great outfit. I'll have to try that tuna the next time I go to Outback. I'm not a big fan of Outback becuase I swear no matter how I stress how I want my steak cooked it always comes out nearly well done when I asked for medium. But this sounds like my kind of alternative to dealing with the steak problem there!I also try not to wear tights with peep=toes, but I don't know why… it really doesn't look bad.

  3. >Funny you should mention eating steak there, because, that was hat I had for my main course and they cooked it a perfect medium rare. I would definitely give the tuna a shot. It was yummy.

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