>Every Man, Woman, and Child: Party Attire


Veshoevius from Taxonomy of My Wardrobe dazzled her friends, and inspired future fashionistas with sequined trousers. Who says you have to wear sequins in the form of shirts, skirts, and dresses only? You stay warm, yet still sparkle. She also paired the spotlight stealing pants with a simple tuxedo jacket. 
I love the bold, adventurous fashion sense so many UK fashion bloggers posses.
Elaine, from Clothed Much, looked as cute as can be while dancing the end of the year away. I love how she looks ladylike and festive all at the same time. Her blouse almost shines. Also, tell me who doesn’t love a skirt covered in tulle?
 Collette, of Statements in Fashion, brought in the New Year looking as hot as her tights are red. I love how she paired the black and white dress (that alone is very attention grabbing) with red tights and scarf. She kept it her footwear simple with classic black pumps.
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6 thoughts on “>Every Man, Woman, and Child: Party Attire

  1. >These girls really know how to dress! The sequinned pants are off the hook and I, too, love the red tights with the black and white dress. Gutsy and unexpected!

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