>Ice fishing in heels?


 Me + Frozen Lake + Brutally Cold Wind + People Ice Fishing = Today’s outfit post. My first cold weather shoot was nothing compared to this. You can’t actually see the people ice fishing, but Nate and I sure did get a few odd looks as I teetered onto the dock. I was also very happy that I had a photographer to also be a coat rack for my scarf and gloves. That way I could keep them as long as possible, and get them back on quickly too.
The Scoop
Jacket- Target
Dress- Target
Pants- NY and Co.
Shoes- Payless


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11 thoughts on “>Ice fishing in heels?

  1. >These photos are beautiful!! I love those shoes (glad there were no snow mishaps), and that little dress which I never saw at Target or I would've SNATCHED IT UP! šŸ™‚

  2. >Good for you for braving the cold for photos! I really like that jacket! I always hate when I have to take my out pictures in the cold and I have to lay my jacket on the ground or something… no fun! But then I'm not very good at having other people take my photos for some reason.

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