>Gypsy Jewels


I have nothing against Gypsy inspired jewelery or these particular earrings either. I just simply am not used big, dangling earrings. They sure stood, but I don’t think in a bad way. I got them from my Mother in-law for Christmas as well as several other pairs of earrings from Charlotte Russe.
I’m not 100% pleased with this look. If these pants were actual full length dress pants they would have tucked into the boots much better. These are capris, and bunch a bit more than I would have liked. Also, I didn’t notice and Nate didn’t point it out either my shirt isn’t cuffed over my jacket the same on both sleeves. Ugh…you get the idea right? I make up for that with my cheery, bright, green shirt.
The Scoop
 Shirt- Target
Jacket- Target
Pants- NY and Co.
Boots- Charlotte Russe (similar)

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9 thoughts on “>Gypsy Jewels

  1. >You look cute! It is frustrating though when you look at the pics and realize something isn't where you wanted it. My belts always end up off center… sometimes by a lot. You're rocking those earrings :-)Rochelle

  2. >Love the green and I think your capris look great with the boots. I know what you mean about spotting things in photos though – so frustrating.

  3. >I love the colors and the overall concept of this outfit, and I totally feel you on the "ughhh" from my own photos lately. I hate when the image you see in the mirror isn't captured the way you hoped by the camera. But props for still posting and keepin it real.

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