>The Key To My Heart


I got this lovely necklace from my husband as a Christmas gift. I’ve told him for a long time how I wanted a key necklace. I haven’t said or even looked for one recently, but he remembered and found a nice simple piece. I also got a fun, chunky watch too. If you are reading thanks Nate!

The Scoop
Cardigan- Walmart
Shirt- Express
Jeans- The Limted
Shoes- Steve Madden
Necklace- Target
Watch- Target 

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9 thoughts on “>The Key To My Heart

  1. >I'm intrigued! Any photos? I turned a big old key I found in Barcelona into a necklace, but I haven't worn it for ages – must dig it out!

  2. >I'm not sure the links to the photos on this post are working as I can't see the necklace but there are little grey boxes that suggest that a photo has been uploaded but is not visible. Key necklaces are lovely – I turned some old keys into necklaces some years ago and regret I threw them out in a decluttering phase!

  3. >Our husbands are often paying more attention than we give them credit for. We've been remodeling our bedroom and yesterday, DH dug the old-fashioned key for our closet door out of his stash. The thing actually works!

  4. >It's so gorgeous! I love all your accessories today, actually. The watch is super fun and that BELT is fantastic. Makes for such a lovely ensemble!

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