>Every Man, Woman, and Child: My Family


On this week’s edition of Every Man, Woman, and Child I want to showcase my sweet, little family. We took some family pictures to give to Grandparents and Great Grandparents. I thought I would share them with you. Tell me what you think.
 We went with multi colored striped shirts to tie the look together without being too matchy matchy.
After the first handful of shots Nate decided to change into a lighter shirt. And they say women are fickle when it comes to what to wear. I love the man anyway.
 We had to bring out the ball to get Lyla to be happy for at least a few pictures.
 We set the timer and counted down to just the right second when we could throw the ball, get a big smile from the Bean, and keep the ball out of the frame. Shhh…it’s my mommy secret.
This would be my favorite shot, but the husband never smiles. However, Lyla’s cute, little feet make up for that in my opinion. Which is your favorite shot?
If you want to participate in next weeks blogger special edition of Every Man, Women, and Child please e-mail (noguiltfashion@gmail.com) me pictures or links to your Christmas/New Years party attire. You can also send the link to me on Twitter @noguiltfashion

11 thoughts on “>Every Man, Woman, and Child: My Family

  1. >You took these with a timer – amazing!! I take my outfit shots with a timer but I am so impressed that you got three people to look at the camera all at the same time. Great job!! The last shot is my favorite too!sarah at Classroom Chic

  2. >I love these pictures!!! Your little boy is so cute!!! And, don't worry, my husband hardly ever smiles in pictures either…lol…..must be a man thing…

  3. >the one with the pink ball is my favorite…i like how it's really clear that your adorable daughter is the center of attention!

  4. Hey Danie, I’m Odayne Wright Im a writer/blogger I was wondering if i can use one your family pics for he cover for one of poems called “Venus”, its about a man finding love again and building a family?

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