>On the Rocks


Flannel sheets and flannel shirts are warm, but when it is is in the single digits outside you need something more. You especially need something more when you are posing for outfit pictures on ice covered rocks. There was a few times I thought my butt may actually freeze to the rocks if I didn’t move soon enough. Brrr…it didn’t help me feel any warmer that Nate was wearing his heavy snowboarding jacket while taking pictures. He did a great job, and helped me climb down from some of the higher, icy spots.
The Scoop
Flannel Shirt- Target
Shirt- Walmart
Jeans- Gap
Shoes- Steve Madden 

 I was more than happy to slip my coat and scarf back on to pose with the little dog statue.
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7 thoughts on “>On the Rocks

  1. >Wow, I totally thought that dog statue was real for a second, maybe a little too much champagne… I might be stopping by Target soon to look at their selection of shirts– I really like yours!

  2. >I love these pictures and those shoes are so adorable! Yeah the things we do for outfit pictures… it's one of our many bonding things as fashion boggers, huh? Freezing our butts off… (or on?) for the sake of a good picture!

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