>The Long and Short of It


I realized today, that I must now pin back my bangs. They are too long, and have become a nuisance. I suppose the other option is to trim them, but if I do that I will most likely get a complete hair cut. I love my short hair, but I think I may grow it out again. What do you think? Here is a picture from way back in high school when I had long hair.
It isn’t a great picture, but I’m sure you get the gist of the way long hair looks on me. So, tell me what you think? To cut or not to cut? If I do decide to grow it out I have to come up with something to trick myself into not thinking I’m growing it out. Whenever I decide to not cut my hair, because, I want long hair again guess what I do? I’m sure you said I cut it. If you did you are right. Anybody have suggestions on what to take to help your hair grow faster?
The Scoop
Cardigan- Walmart
Dress- Maurice’s (Thrifted)
Tights- Target
Shoes- Steve Madden
Necklace/Earrings- Maurice’s
Ring- Gift

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14 thoughts on “>The Long and Short of It

  1. >I honestly can't decide. I think you are beautiful with long OR short hair (one of the few that I think looks fabulous with a pixie cut). I do know that bangs can be seriously annoying though…

  2. >I like long. We are in the same boat. I've been trying to grow my hair out for a year and I just keep cutting it shorter. In fact, I got it cut 2 weeks ago. Maybe we should make a pact to not cut our hair for a certain amount of time πŸ™‚

  3. >Oooh I love it both ways! But I think that you should let it grow grow grow! You look gorgeous with long locks! My hairdresser said over the counter prenatal vitamins can help your hair grow fast! πŸ˜‰

  4. >I think the long looks great but the short is so FUN. Personally I like to change things up every once in awhile. It's really fun growing your hair out and then chopping it all off, I think :)And I love your bright purple tights with those yellow flats !!

  5. >Oh yes, I say grow it! You've got such great hair that you can wear long, so you should go for it! As far as tricking yourself, I do understand because I do the same thing. Maybe get a goal in mind and tell yourself you won't cut it until you've reached your goal.

  6. >I like both. Good luck if you decide to grow it, that's always challenging. I'm having mine chopped off soon, so maybe that could act in lieu of your haircut.

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