>Well, maybe just a half a drink more.


Welcome back from the holiday weekend! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, and enjoyed their family and friends! We had two Christmases on Christmas Eve, one on Christmas Day, another yesterday, and just the three of us on Christmas Morning That was probably my favorite part. Lyla had much more fun this year. She was able to open her gifts by herself, and actually enjoyed the toys and clothes she received.

If you are the gift type, I hope you got some good stuff. What was your favorite gift? One of my top gifts was my new coffee mug. I get a discount every time I use it at my favorite coffee shop. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. I also received some new accessories that I’ll be pairing up soon. Also, I was given some cash that I’m toying around with what I want to purchase. Nate and I also have dinner and a movie paid for in gift cards.  I see a date night in the near future! Any movie suggestions?

The Scoop
Jacket- Target
Dress- Target
Leggings- Target
Shoes- Payless

This was Christmas Eve’s outfit.

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5 thoughts on “>Well, maybe just a half a drink more.

  1. >You look awesome! This makes me want to run out to find a red dress so I can recreate this look! đŸ™‚ I'm glad you had such a good Christmas weekend!

  2. >Our styles are very similar!Great jacket and love the mix / match of different prints.Kasmira is the bomb!Terrific blog.I ma a new follower and so glad to find you!xXxReva

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