>Every Man, Woman, and Child: Pattern Mixing


Back here I mentioned a new feature I will be running. Every Man, Woman, and Child will feature for today’s fashions on my friends, family, and you. 

Shirt- H&M Skirt- Thrifted Tights- Target Shoes- Steve Madden

Everybody is doing it now. Well, you can’t count me in that list too. I’m now an official pattern mixer. Guys have been doing it for a while mixing patterned shirts and ties. Ladies jumped on the bandwagon too, and most do it with great panache. On the other hand, a few hot messes have rolled with this trend too. That isn’t a style bashing post, so I’ll just get started with the how to.

Start out by mixing patterns with the same colors. For instance, if you choose a shirt with dominant color of purple like Fia did you can pair it with a skirt that has purple in the pattern. That provides a great link between pieces. Keeping both patterned pieces floral gives a nice touch.

My pattern mixing venture combined patterns of neutral colors that allowed me to mix to entirely different patterns safely. Hey, you’ve got to take baby steps right?

In the print mixing world animal prints have become a neutral. Check out Tiffany at My Fashion Epiphany. She rocked a leopard print cardigan with a cute floral pencil skirt. Did I mention she is just gorgeous too?

What I Wore Today has a look that features two equally bold prints. I think that works for most people. You just have to have the confidence and sass to pull it off.

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7 thoughts on “>Every Man, Woman, and Child: Pattern Mixing

  1. >I am SO sorry that I didn't get around to sending you links! Getting sick this week just zapped all of my good intentions!What lovely pattern mixing these women have done!

  2. >Wow! You ROCKED it!!! I am very jealous of you in this outfit. You can definitely add yourself to the pattern mixing club. I am still not there yet but you gave me great inspiration to try. Thanks for the tips!

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