>Friend Friday: Christmas Special


This week Katy and the FBFF* crew are taking it easy, and talking about holidays.

1. Your favorite holiday memory:
The Christmas before Nate and I got engaged he was really sick, so we ended up spending most of the day just hanging out at my apartment. I think we watched at least one full season of Smallville.
2. Were you ever a victim of those family Christmas party photo
shoots? What do you think about them now? Care to share an old photo?
No. My family isn’t really big on taking pictures. Sorry to disappoint.
3. Best Christmas gift you ever gave: 
Last year we gave my mom and Nate’s parents a canvases that Lyla had finger painted. They all absolutely LOVED it.
4. Craziest/funniest holiday family tradition:
Again, I’m pretty boring here too. I guess the craziest tradition on my side of the family is my entire extended family goes to Red Lobster on Christmas Eve.
On my husbands side of the family they have a gift exchange that can get pretty crazy. We take turns choosing a gift. You can either choose a new gift or steal someones gift. Unlike some versions of this game we don’t unwrap the gifts until the very end, so you are fighting over wrapping paper instead of knowing what gifts you have.
5. Favorite type of Christmas cookie: 
Mmmm…snicker doodles are probably my favorite cookie. Yes, I know they aren’t technically a “Christmas cookie”.
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