>I’m out and about today


I made it outside for pictures today. I’m quite happy that you can see me out of my basement for a change. I also think I’ve got everything figured out with my photography situation, and will be able to take my pictures regularly again. Just in time too. I almost ran out of scheduled posts. I always seem to have a lot of blog worthy pictures when I go somewhere to take pictures. Instead of photo dumping on you I’ll post my favorites, and put the rest up on the 
I found a similar jacket at Target this summer for twice the price I paid for this Miley Cirus & Max Azria military inspired jacket. I’ve actually gotten a few cute trendy pieces from this collection that are actually things I would wear. I figure for five to ten bucks I can get the price per wear down before something breaks. However, this jacket actually seems decently constructed.
The Scoop
Jacket- Walmart
Shirt- NY and Co.
Jeans- Target (similar)
Boots- Charlotte Russe
Scarf- Walmart

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8 thoughts on “>I’m out and about today

  1. >Oh heck yeah, I would totally snatch up that jacket, too! You probably won't wear it everyday and it'll last plenty long. And I think I totally have those jeans and I LOVE them. Great to see other style ideas for them :DI really love the concept of your blog!!

  2. >I love these pictures so much!)) First of all, it's so great to see all the beautiful autumn/winter colors. And the outfit is really cute and stylish – I love the colors of the jacket and the scarf combining with jeans and shirt. Plus this boots are really great and looks good with the jacket)

  3. >This is such an awesome outfit. I would definitely wear this out and about running errands!I totally agree that I feel like i have so many more awesome pictures when I have a new place to explore. It makes me more excited to take pictures then then I default to my balcony.

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