>Quick Shots


I have been very busy, and have missed getting pictures of quite a few outfits. I got these shots snapped quickly, while Nate and I got our soup ready for my part time job’s Christmas party. Church kitchen equals great backdrop right? Ya, I’m cool like that.
The Scoop
Sweater Dress- Target
Tights- Kohl’s
Boots- Charlotte Russe

If you blog, how do you keep up with crazy schedules?
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8 thoughts on “>Quick Shots

  1. >Cute baby!!! I love the color combo. You look wintery and cozy.I have been taking all day to make a post and catch up on reading. I'll do like 15 minutes here and there. I've also been editing my photos and loading them onto blogger during the day and then coming back at night to actually write. I can't do it all at once anymore. Way too busy.

  2. >I love that sweater dress! Such a great color & it looks really cozy, too. And that picture with your daughter is absolutely adorable!

  3. >Looove the color combo! I have only been able to read five to ten blogs a night, and have set a date for pre-posting. Hopefully that'll settle down when I get to CR, but I have to say, it's been pretty healthy to limit the number of blogs I read each day.

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