>Do The Best You Can With What You’ve Got


While picking out clothes to wear I knew exactly what I wanted to wear. However, for legwear and footwear I was not so lucky. I’m pretty sure I tried on 10-20 pairs of tights and shoes. You will have to ask the Mr. if I’m exaggerating or not, but since he isn’t here I’m sticking to my story no matter what. I finally settled on the short black boots and gray tights. I wanted to wear a pair of booties, but mysteriously enough I don’t own any. Anybody want to get me a pair for Christmas? That left me with the next closest thing being these boots from Payless. Don’t get me wrong I like the boots (I bought them didn’t I), but they just weren’t what I was in the mood to wear. 
The Scoop
Sweater- Target
Skirt- Thrifted
Tights- ?
Boots- Payless

I added a thick black belt that I feel grounded the look a bit more. All in all I was OK with how it all turned out. I actually got a few compliments about it. Also, it was freezing out, and my feet stayed warm. I guess I made a good choice after all.

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2 thoughts on “>Do The Best You Can With What You’ve Got

  1. >Sometimes I feel the same way! "If only I had nude pumps…" or "If only I had a yellow skirt…" But you're right! We need to be thankful for what we have :0) So, I have a great pair of Jessica Simpson gray booties, you should check out her line if you're looking to buy some!

  2. >I totally know what you mean…those finishing touches can sometimes be so elusive! I do like the stripes + colorful skirt combo, though! And the tights!

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