>Ta Da!!!


Let me introduce you to my new camera and the pictures that it shoots so well.
Readers meet camera, camera meet readers. Now that the pleasantries are over let us get down to business. My problem with this camera is that it is much more sensitive than my point and shoot. That means that my 15 minutes I have to take pictures in my basement is eaten up by constantly adjusting the light fixture after every shot. Any suggestions for me? I would love to just take pictures outside, but I don’t have time to go anywhere in between jobs. Any suggestions for me? 
Until I get this problem under control I will have Nate take my picture at night on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That may throw a wrench in my posting schedule, but it is better than horrible pictures when I know they can be so much better. I’m also working on a new feature or two to help break things up. The first one is open to other bloggers and readers too. I’m starting a feature called Every Man, Women, and Child. It will showcase looks worn by my family, friends and you. If you would like to submit a look for this feature e-mail me at noguiltfashion@gmail.com Of course, if you have a blog I will link it back to you.
aka free publicity!
The Scoop
Sweater- Banana Republic thrifted
Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Target
Shoes- Target
Belt- Charlotte Russe
Necklace- Target

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9 thoughts on “>Ta Da!!!

  1. >woohoo for the new camera. I desperately want a dslr camera but they are just too expensive for me right now.Anyway, I totally know all about your "where the heck do I take pictures conundrum." I take pictures outside most of the time, but it's too cold these days so I am having a hard time trying to figure out the lighting thing inside. I'll be looking for some good solutions from your readers. Lol!

  2. >That is just the kind of camera I am lusting after but am also too intimidated to get. I usually do indoor pics because I don't have time to scope out a good outdoor location or it's too hot or I live in the hood and don't want to go out with my gorilla pod and watch my camera get jacked. I just take pics in the one room of my house that gets good lighting – the kitchen. Boring, maybe, but it's worked for me.

  3. >Yay for a new camera. I totally understand the challenge of where to take the photos. It's so much easier when it's light in the evenings but at the moment I am catching any opportunity I can. Today I totally gave up on outside posts because I actually thought I would catch my death. That is not much help but at least you know you're not alone.

  4. >Yay for a new camera!!!! I have the same problem.. Luckily my husband's classes just ended so he's been kind enough to follow me to the car to take my pics 🙂

  5. >congrats on getting a new camera!! i love my canon and it's a world of difference from the point and shoot. you should consider investing in a remote as it will make taking outfit pictures much easier. they're only $20-$30 online and definitely a worthwhile investment. and can't wait to see your features!cuteandlittle.com

  6. >Congratulations on your new camera!! I'm not too familiar with the Canon dials but does it have a 'P' for program setting on the dial? You could use the program setting to set the best settings for where you typically take your photos then all you'd need to do is flip the to the 'P' button when you need to take your style photo shots. I don't know how much your camera weighs or what bag you carry but i tend to carry my camera around with me everywhere so if something catches my eye i've got my camera at hand. I find my daughters diaper bag is particularly useful to carry my camera around as it's usually hooked on the pushchair. Also look at Flickr for inspiration and ideas on what to photograph, i always come away feeling so inspired after browsing the talent on Flickr. Even mundane things could look beautiful like this one guy had taken a shot of a staircase at Washington University but he'd shot in black and white and turned the ISO up to 1600 to make the photo grainy and it was captivating. I'd type in Canon Eos Rebel in to the Flickr search so you can see what your camera is capable of.

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