>Guest Post: Makeup and Jeans Girl


Annie writes the blog Makeup and Jeans Girl, and she has been a great reader who I can always count on to leave sweet comments.

First and foremost I would like to thank Danie for featuring me on her blog! I am very grateful such a lovely lady gave me this opportunity! Makeup and Jeans Girl is my fashion blog, where I post about makeup, outfits, and anything fashion related. If you feel like stopping by I would love that!

Now onto the post! This year, my mom asked for a family picture of us. I realized we haven’t had any family pictures taken since Myles my baby boy was 3 months old! Since we are a little short on money this year, I grabbed out the camera!

The Outfit. Stick with a similar color scheme. It is best to stay in one color tone, ex. brights, soft hues, dark. I also think that patterns are fine as long as they are used sparingly.That way the picture will have some texture as well as a little distraction. If you are huge fashionista go ahead and wear your most fashionable outfit. Who cares if the outfit will be out of style next year? You’ll probably be getting new pictures anyways.

The Makeup. I would suggest sticking to something you already know looks good on you. This doesn’t mean your makeup has to be simple, but that you should pick colors that compliment your complexion. Also, you should know that often times in photo’s after editing the lips will look more intense, while the eyes will look more toned down.

Location. Pick your location, somewhere that won’t be too distracting. Choosing natural light is normally the best. That means you want to take your pictures right around sundown.

I always think poses that are not structured are much more appealing. Pose as naturally as possible.

Taking Pictures.
Make sure your camera is level with you. When the self timer is going, don’t sit there and say “cheese” the whole time. It will look very unnatural. Instead play a little and glance at the camera when it’s ready to shoot. Briefly look at the pictures to make sure there is nothing completely out of place in your poses.

Just have fun with it! Particularly for these pictures, I bummed up the red and yellow in the shadows as well as the mid tones. I also Blurred the edges.One side note I want to mention, is that if you are using Picasa be careful, because the one time I tried to print pictures I edited with that program, they all were ridiculously grainy.

I hope these suggestions are useful! Are any of you going to attempt taking your own pictures this year? If you do, and you post them, let me know! I’d love to see!

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5 thoughts on “>Guest Post: Makeup and Jeans Girl

  1. >Great tips, Annie! You and your family look fantastic in these pictures. I'll definitely be using this post and the one on Annie's blog to take a good picture.

  2. >Hi Annie,Wow!! Interesting, You and your family are lovely!!Guest post good idea and nice pictures in this post also post your friend in your blog.

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