>30 for 30: Outfit #1


 I’m a little sad that since I’m starting this 30 for 30 challenge I’m loosing my padding of scheduled posts. With my schedule being as jam packed as can be I really appreciated that buffer. To give me a bit of a head start I began my challenge on Saturday. Otherwise, you would see a few gaps in posting.
These pictures were snapped up quickly while Nate and I were getting ready to work at the church. It was either that, or take even worse pictures after getting home. By than I will have ran the nursery, and be completely exhausted.
The Scoop
#13 Shirt- Target
#7 Pants- NY and Co.
#29 Boots- Charlotte Russe (similar)
Scarf- Forever21
Belt- NY and Co.

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9 thoughts on “>30 for 30: Outfit #1

  1. >I like it when people are as organised as you are.We are juggling with too many things so we need to be focused and commited.I like the way you put the scarf under the belt.That's a good stylistic tip I just have to steal from you!

  2. >I wish I could pull of the belted scarf but every time I try it looks so bulky! I think my short round torso is to blame, alas you dancers look great in it!

  3. >Yay 30 fo 30 again!! I wish I was joining this time, but my life is too hectic as it is. I LOVE love love the way you layered this outfit, you have such a great figure for layers 🙂 Can't wait to follow your 30 for 30 journey xo

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