>30 for 30: Inventory


For those of you have stuck around No Guilt Fashion for awhile you may remember me starting Kendi Everyday’s 30 for 30 summer challenge. Well I was going through some very difficult times, and I just couldn’t stick it out. I told you back then that I would be back, and I’m true to my word. Ok Style Nation, I’m throwing my hat back in the 30 for 30 ring. Will I be a K.O’d again, or will I come out the champion. (note to self change alarm to the Rocky theme song for Monday morning)
The Rules
1. Choose 30 items including shoes and create 30 outfits with them. 
2. No shopping for those 30 days.
My Pieces
 1. bow print skirt
2.black pencil skirt
3. green pencil skirt
4. red pencil skirt
5. denim skirt
 6. khaki pants
7. jeans
8. black jeans
9. slate pants
 10. green sweater
11. orange long sleeve
12. blue shirt
13. black shirt
14. printed shirt
15. yellow sweater
 16. checkered shirt
17. black long sleeve
18. blue cardigan
19. purple cardigan
20. gray sweater
 21. khaki pencil skirt
22. jean jacket
23. gray cardigan
24. floral dress
25. plaid shirt
26. white shirt

 27. black pumps

28. brown pumps
29. black boots
30. yellow flats

Are you participating? Why or why not? Let me know, so I can follow along.

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10 thoughts on “>30 for 30: Inventory

  1. >Ooh! Good luck. I want to be a part of it, but maybe next time. It seems like you got some great items and I can't wait to see your remixes! =)

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