>Free is a Great Price


Dolce and Gabbana pashima at the amazing price of FREE. Yes please! I found it a while ago at work, and nobody has claimed it for over two years. As the manager I get first dibs on any items unclaimed. The label is attached and it is in wonderful condition. Now for how to wear it. I’m unsure of how I should wear it. However, I thought this turned out ok. Let me know what you think. Also, leave me any suggestions you may have on how to wear it.
The Scoop
Dolce & Gabbana Pashima- free
 Shirt- Target
 Jeans- The Limited
Shoes- AJ Wright

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7 thoughts on “>Free is a Great Price

  1. >Love it! What a find. I like the way you've draped it. I find that I can usually wear pashminas the way I'd wear any scarf I own – just tying it around my neck and showing off the pretty.

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