>Pink, Pink, Pink


I need to get a hold of Target, because, I’m a walking advertisement for them 80% off the time. Today’s outfit is no different. I should at least get a gift card for this right? Not only am I mostly Target clothed today. I am also wearing a lot of pink today. Not quite monochromatic, but cute none the less. I think adding pink pants would have been a little to much for me. 
How do you feel about monochromatic dressing? Is it ok in more neutral colors, but a tad to overwhelming in brighter colors? Tell me your thoughts?
The Scoop
Cami- Old Navy
 Cardigan- Target
Pants- Target
Shoes- Target

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8 thoughts on “>Pink, Pink, Pink

  1. >Pink is my favorite color. This is a very cute outfit. I love the simplicity yet a dash of girly/flirty fun.Madeleinewww.boulevarddelamadeleine.com

  2. >Ditto the Target thing. My gosh, I love Target. I love the way you're pulling this monochromatic look off. I was just thinking this week that I need to try it, but I haven't worked up the nerve yet. You look great doing it!

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