>Driving on "E"?


Do you know the feeling you get when you are driving along, and you notice the gas gauge is on that awful red line? The line that means you need to fill up or stop driving. No big deal. You will just pull in to the next gas station, and put a couple of gallons in. Bad news is the next gas station is a bit farther than you can make. Good news is most of it is downhill. You end up just coasting in to park at the pump. You open up the gas tank, you hear the fumes, and you thank your lucky stars that you made it far enough. Anyway, that whole thing was not to say that I almost ran out of gas today. It was to say I think summer has finally landed on “E”.
Getting a little bit of extra mileage out of some summer items was my goal. It turned out decently, but I think I should have done another color for the long sleeve. However, it was black or orange and the black was definitely the best pick. 
What summer items are you still managing to wear? How are you styling them differently?
 The Scoop
Shirt- Target
Jacket- Target
Belt- NY and Co
Pants- NY and Co
Shoes- Payless

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