Put Some Thought Into It Please

 My shoe wardrobe is still missing a pair of black pumps, otherwise, that is what I would have been wearing. These shoes are a close second, and look pretty decent. I had a customer tell me I should swap the shirt for a button up or polo, shorten the skirt, and go as a school girl for Halloween. I think I will pass on that option. Check out the article Indiana from Adored Austin wrote on the crazy things people try to turn in to sexy costumes. I think it is stupid. If you don’t want to take the time to put some real thought into a costume don’t dress up. Please save yourself the humiliation of looking back at those pictures that are guaranteed to be taken when you have had one to many drinks. Hop on over to Miss Vinyl Ahoy and check out her costume series where she put together great costumes with items from her closet.
The Scoop
Shirt- Forever 21
Skirt- Thrifted
Shoes- Target

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3 thoughts on “Put Some Thought Into It Please

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