a different kind of shopping

I did a different kind of shopping for this outfit. I shopped my husband’s closet. I pulled out a couple of sweaters that I think will make decent outfits if belted and paired correctly. This outfit is the first of the two, however, this one fits Nate a little snug making it not as baggy as I wanted. Also, it was unintentional that I paired navy and black. I actually kind of liked the colors together, and there is enough other colors and separation in the outfit that it look alright. What do you think? Anybody have a standard rule of thumb when it comes to mixing colors like black and navy, or brown and black?

The Scoop
Sweater- American Eagle via The Husband
Skirt- Target
Boots- Aldo


5 thoughts on “a different kind of shopping

  1. Actual conversation that just happened as I was looking at these pics:Me: B, you're too TALL!B: What?Me: Look! She's wearing her husband's sweater and it's so cute! B: I don't wear sweaters.He missed the point. I think it's a great look. Love that you mixed navy and black.

  2. HI!Well, my young friend kept rocking the navy and black and she looked terrific. I finally tried it a few months back. Why was it off limits before? I really liked it together.

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