Life…So Precious, Cherish It Always

 The title is printed on the benches. In case you can’t read the print. 

As for today’s outfit I know the rule is to not wear white pants after Labor Day. Well here I am on September 19th. Guess what I’m wearing? I figured it was OK, because, the rest of the outfit was gray and black. What do you think? Tell me if I’m in the fashion wrong?

The Scoop
Tank- Target
Shrug- Gosh I’ve had it for years
Jacket- Target
Pants- Target
Shoes- Capezio

 I’m feeling a little Mr. Bojangles with the thumb hole/half-gloves underneath the jacket.

Remember to enter the giveaway it ends on Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Life…So Precious, Cherish It Always

  1. Love that jacket! I wish it would cool down where I'm at so I could do the same…. lovely blog!<3

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