After School

In all honesty this was shot on a weekend, at a school I have never attended. It was a really cool fall day, and a sweater and tights was completely appropriate. I think fall may actually have shown up on my doorstep. I guess I’ll have to wait and see how things pan out.

Several of the blogs I read have done looks with tights and shorts as a transitional fall look. Well I haven’t gathered the guts to try that out yet. This khaki corduroy mini is as close as I’ve come. What do you think about the shorts/tights trend? Do you wear it?

The Scoop
Sweater- Target
Skirt- thrifted
Tights- Target
Shoes- Steve Madden

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4 thoughts on “After School

  1. I don't do shorts myself, but I've admired the shorts with tights on others. Your outfit here is so stellar. Love the proportions and the colors. Lovin' those yellow shoes!

  2. That green is stunning on you, it really suits your hair colour!I find that shorts don't really fit me very well, it's a look I've been meaning to try just need to find the right shorts!xo

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