Nothing Special//Just Keeping Warm

I haven’t been at my new part time job long, but the family and I were invited to the staff picnic. I think it was safe to say fun was had by all. They smoked ribs and brisket, grilled chicken and hot dogs, had all your normal picnic fair, and offered cobbler and s’mores for desert. It was all so yummy. The guys seemed to endlessly play catch except when the food was served. Of course, they seemed to know the exact moment the cobbler was done. The kids jumped on a trampoline, played games, and stuffed there mouths with marshmallows. The women sat around chatting, except, those of us with children. We were on the go constantly surveying if the kids were ok or not, applying bug spray, refilling plates, and making sure nobody lit the porch on fire with a flaming marshmallow.

I didn’t wear this the whole day just for the picnic, but I knew it would be cold out. Also, I seemed to have superior drink-ability for mosquitoes. If I cover myself in clothes I have a greater chance of surviving the night unscathed.

The Scoop
Sweatshirt- Gap body (only the most comfortable sweatshirt I’ve ever owned)
Jeggings- NY and Co.
Boots- Payless


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