Train Station

Nate had an interview at one of the campus dinning halls today, so I dropped him off and took advantage of the first hour free parking downtown. This was the perfect excuse to stop in at The Black Market, a consignment shop loved by many in the Lincoln area. Surprisingly enough, I left empty handed. I did see a leather coat I may have to go back to pick up. I just wasn’t sure about it, and I didn’t have a second opinion there to help me make a decision.

After the interview I talked the hubs into going a few blocks over to the train station to get a few pictures. It was so bright out that the lighting really sucks, but these two look decent. At least to me they do, but a professional photographer I am not.

The Scoop
Jacket- Target
Tank- Charlotte Russe via The Black Market
Skirt- thrifted
Shoes- Target

Please keep your fingers crossed that he gets one of the four jobs he has interviewed for in the last two weeks. He really would like to get out of his current job in the hospital cafeteria.

In my pictures you can’t see the detailing at the top of the shirt, so here you go.


4 thoughts on “Train Station

  1. Oh my gosh– I went to a theatre festival waaaay back in the day in Lincoln & we went to The Black Market like, every single day! That brings back some good memories 🙂 I wish I would have had more of a sartorial state of mind back then to truly appreciate the good stuff they had!

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