Ice Ice Baby

This crocheted jacket is such a pretty color of ice blue, but as pretty as I think it is I always have issues wearing it. It tends to bag as the day goes on. As you can see in the pictures it is hanging off my shoulder oddly.  That is something I find quite irritating. I think this is the last time I will wear it, and it will find its way to the donation pile. As for the pencil skirt I thrifted a while back, I Love it more and more each time I wear it. I love full skirts, but something about a fitted pencil skirt just makes me feel professional. However, that puts me on the verge of being over dressed for my job. Do you ever feel awkward being over dressed for something? I live in a place that more often than not I’m one of the most dressed up people there. At least one of a handful of people that looked put together. Living in a college town will do that to you.

The Scoop
Cami- Old Navy
Jacket- Victoria’s Secret
Skirt- Gap thrifted
Shoes- AJ Wright

I’m excited that it is time for me to pull out my darker fall/winter polishes. I’m wearing OPI’s Siberian Nights right now. Nice dark purple color. However, it didn’t look so nice when splattered all over my shoes and dress pants. See the whole story here. What fall polish colors are you using?


2 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby

  1. Hi! Nice to see a fellow mum out there looking so fabulous!I am usually pretty dressed up in my town but meh, I realised that dressing up made me feel great so too bad. And yes, pencil skirts make me feel professional too… it's so polished … you look great with the heels!

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